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18'' Double Wire Mesh Tray

For offices that want to keep their environment extremely professional, some added adjustments become necessary. Office furniture may look absolutely amazing when you buy it, but there are many things that need to be taken into account when you consider the overall environment. We have reached the point where going wireless is considered convenient, but there are still many companies that prefer being wired because of added functionality, and higher speeds of data transaction. For these organizations, a major concern is the storage and easy access of these wires without them being out in the open. Wires have a tendency to make an environment look unprofessional if they are not stored and installed properly. For problems like this, there are very simple solutions, such as this 18" double wire mesh tray from OfficeSource. These wire trays are easily installed under office furniture and keep all wires from being too visible and looking untidy.
$100.00 $50.00

18'' Single Wire Mesh Tray

When considering office furniture, just having the seating and the desks is never enough. For a workplace to look professional, files, folders, and wires need to be stored neatly, so your workplace reflects nicely on your clients. For workplaces that incorporate the use of wires and have an intricate network, having a place to neatly store these wires for both visual appeal and organization is very important. In case a wire needs to be accessed later, using this wire mesh tray by OfficeSource can save a lot of time. Bundled up wires behind desks and near walls are the worst nightmare for someone who wants to portray a good work environment. Unless the wires are neatly placed and covered, they could destroy the aesthetics of a work place. Invest in this wire mesh tray for your office furniture so your workplace stays clean and organized for employees and visitors.
$66.00 $33.00

2 Drawer Personal Cabinet

Office furniture needs to be both beautiful and functional. Thanks to OfficeSource, there are beautiful personal cabinets available in multiple finishes that not only serve the purpose of a filing cabinet, but also add to the beauty of the office. This two drawer personal cabinet from OfficeSource can be the perfect cabinet to impress your clients and store your important data and documents. This cabinet is available in eight beautiful finishes. Choose the one that suits your office style the best, and impress your clients with your impeccable taste in office furniture.
$959.00 $479.50

Coil Cable Snake

There's nothing quite as unsightly as a tangled mess of cables behind your desk. Not only does it look unpleasant, but a mess of cables can also prove to be a bit of a hazard. Cords could become twists and plugs could be disconnected. Keeping your cables organized, neat and tidy, will ensure that your business runs smoothly. These office accessories are add-ons that make a huge impact to your overall business operation. Tangled cables are a hazard, and can also waste precious time when you need to constantly untangle them, or plug things back in after they've been inadvertently disconnected.
$74.00 $37.00

L Shape Typical - OS176

$4,135.00 $2,067.50

L Shape Typical - OS216

$2,795.00 $1,397.50