Toilet Plungers

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Boardwalk® Toilet Plunger

Sturdy, industrial toilet plunger provides better bang for your buck, with more performance and more sanitation. The large extended cup ensures excellent pressure application. The plastic handle is easier to clean and sanitize than a wood handle.
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Deluxe Professional Plunger, 11.2" Polyethylene Handle, 6" dia


Good Grips Toilet Plunger and Canister, 24" Handle, 6" Dia Bowl, White


Impact® Deluxe Professional Plunger

Plunger is virtually splash proof with it's 2.75" diameter bellows opening. Used to remove water from trap, and aid in unclogging toilets when backed up.
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Impact® Plunger

For drains or toilets.
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Mr. Clean® Turbo Plunger & Bowl Brush Set

Turbo Plunger with sturdy rubber grip handle allows for comfortable, secure usage. Turbo Plunger & Bowl Brush Set features a stylish caddy that is designed to hold both the plunger and the round bowl brush together for easy storage. With a non-slip base, the caddy is certain to stay right where you put it.
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