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2 Drawer Personal Cabinet

Office furniture needs to be both beautiful and functional. Thanks to OfficeSource, there are beautiful personal cabinets available in multiple finishes that not only serve the purpose of a filing cabinet, but also add to the beauty of the office. This two drawer personal cabinet from OfficeSource can be the perfect cabinet to impress your clients and store your important data and documents. This cabinet is available in eight beautiful finishes. Choose the one that suits your office style the best, and impress your clients with your impeccable taste in office furniture.
$959.00 $479.50

63'' Open Side Return

Adding the right pieces to your office space can make a world of difference to your business productivity. This office furniture must-have is an open side return to add to your work place. Whether you're creating a brand new space in your new offices or replacing old, tired furniture, you'll appreciate the sturdy stability that this return brings. This office furniture essential is offered in great color and finish options so that you can create just the right look for your office space. The overall contemporary design makes it a great addition to today's sophisticated business.
$639.00 $319.50

Counter Height Cabinet

When it comes to counter height storage cabinets, there are very few that are better than this cabinet from OfficeSource. This cabinet is well made, and available in a variety of three great finish colors that complement any decor. This cabinet comes with two fixed shelves, allowing greater work-space efficiency and impacting positively on office productivity. This cabinet comes with a 150 pound shelf weight capacity, and does not require much maintenance. You can install it in any office, and begin saving space instantly.
$758.00 $379.00

Oversized Cabinet

The office is where you spend several hours of your day, so it is only natural for you to want to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself and others. This includes finding a safe place for you to store your items and spare pieces of clothing at work, and what could be better for this task than an oversized cabinet? This cabinet is the perfect solution by OfficeSource to take care of all your storage needs. This oversized cabinet has a shelf weight capacity of 180 pounds, and comes in five finishes, so you can choose the one that both best suits your needs and looks great with the theme of your office interior. This cabinet comes with four adjustable shelves and is completely safe and secure with its three point locking system.
$1,616.00 $808.00

Personal Unit

When it comes to office space, much effort needs to be expended to make the place more comfortable and interesting. As the office is where you spend several hours of your day, it should always be well furnished, and this is where high quality office furniture comes in. This personal unit from the OS Laminate Collection by OfficeSource is the perfect storage item for you to invest in. This personal unit comes in eight finishes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. In addition to offering tempting finishes, this personal unit has an intelligent design that allows you to use it to store and hang your personal belongings. Whether it is the coat that you wear to work, or the umbrella that you carry along, this personal unit is the perfect place store them so that they are out of the way. This personal unit is very easy to use and install.
$938.00 $469.00

Storage Cabinet

If you deal with a lot of clients, you want to have a great first impression on them. If your workstation is always cluttered with papers and documents, it will give them the impression that you are very unprofessional. The best way to solve this issue is to invest in this storage cabinet from OfficeSource. To meet our high quality standards, every piece of our office furniture is made with premium quality wood. This storage cabinet will add ease to your life, and it comes with four adjustable shelves that you can use to suit your needs. To make it more aesthetically pleasing, we offer this storage cabinet in eight beautiful finishes.
$1,222.00 $611.00