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3M™ High-Capacity Maintenance Folded Sorbent

Four sorbents in one. It can be used as a boom, pillow, pad, or roll, which means you stock one product to meet your sorbent needs. Perforations every 16 inches allow you to select the length required, so there’s less wasted sorbent. Comes in a handy dispenser box for easy, on-site use. 3M’s high capacity sorbent technology: has increased fluid-holding capacity which means less sorbent used; allows for simple reclamation for recycling of valuable liquids and re-use of sorbent; and minimizes sorbent waste for disposal.
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3M™ High-Capacity Maintenance Sorbent Pad

Highly absorbent and nongranular so it's perfect for placing directly on machinery. Will not damage plant equipment. Low profile so it fits in tight places. Tuck it in or around machines to catch and contain leaks at the source.
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All-Purpose Clay Absorbent, 40lb, Poly-Bag, 50/Pallet


All-Purpose Clay Absorbent, 50lb, Poly-Bag, 40/Pallet


Anchor Brand® Oil Only Sorbents AB-BPO100

For use with oil and petroleum based fluids. Products are composed of meltblown polypropylene.
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Anchor Brand® Universal Sorbent AB-BPU100

Absorbs all industrial liquids (water, petroleum, and chemical based fluids) in facility. Dimpled and perfed. Perfect fit for indoor spills.
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