Power Modules

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Data Jack

A data jack is one piece of office equipment that you may need to both create a reliable telephone system and enjoy a high-speed internet connection in your office. This data jack acts like a hardware interface between the building's phone wiring and your phones. It is fixed to the baseboard or the wall. In addition to phone systems, this jack also forms a useful part of the dial up systems in offices to connect to the internet. With this data jack installed, you can get internet access and perform work over the web smoothly and efficiently.
$148.00 $74.00

Pull Out Power Grommet

The biggest problem faced at the office is finding outlets exactly where you need one. If you face this problem, you should invest in this pull out power grommet from OfficeSource. This pull out power grommet comes with an 8' heavy duty power cord. This power grommet comes with an on/off switch as well. This power grommet offers 4 power outlets and 2 USB chargers, and fits well with all grommets from the OS Laminate Collection. This OfficeSource power grommet is extremely durable as well, and is bound to stay with you for years to come.
$173.00 $86.50

Hidden Power Center

Among the many problems faced at the office, a major one is related to power issues. Finding an outlet to connect to when the battery of one of your gadgets is dying and you have to send an important file often becomes crucial. This hidden power center from OfficeSource is created to solve your never-ending power problems. This hidden power center comes with an 8' power cord, 3 power outlets and 2 USB chargers. Available in black color, this hidden power center ensures that a power source is available to you at all times.
$159.00 $79.50

Power Center

This stylish power center from the Grommet Power Centers collection by OfficeSource is a must have for your home or professional office. This power center comes with one power outlet and one USB outlet, which is perfect for home office usage. In addition to a power cord of 5 feet, this power center also offers a USB cable of 40 inches.
$126.00 $63.00

Under Surface Mount Power Module

Since there are a lot of gadgets and appliances working in an office that need direct access to power, it is essential to look for reliable solutions to give them that access. This under surface mount power module from the Power Modules collection is among the several OfficeSource products that provides excellent and practical results. This power module makes power and data easily accessible to you, as it mounts on the underside of your work surface. Moreover, this power module improves the aesthetic value of the office space, as it reduces the clutter of wires that would have been inevitable if not for this module.
$228.00 $114.00

Table Mountable Power Module

While your work gadgets make your tasks easier for you, they often require a power source. This makes this table mountable power module from OfficeSource an irreplaceable piece of corporate office equipment. In addition to being table mountable, this premium quality power module ensures practicability. This power module reduces clutter and saves space, which otherwise would have been used up due to extensions and wires. This module provides direct access to power, thereby making work easier for you. It can be mounted above or below your workstation, as per your convenience.
$192.00 $96.00