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3M™ Easy Shine Applicator Kit

Convenient easy-shine system is a unique set of tools and products designed to make floor finish coating faster and easier while eliminating waste. Lightweight applicator with a durable handle and fingertip dispensing control for easy use. Handy backpack with dispensing tubes that run from the backpack to the applicator to provide an easy way to clean. Dispensing tubes are easily replaceable. Easy mounting applicator pad system. The canvas backpack has adjustable straps for a personal, comfortable fit. Cleaning pouch provided with every applicator.
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Biohazard Spill Mop Kit, Head, 22" to 47 1/2" Handle, Yellow/Black


Boardwalk® Bucketless Microfiber Mop System

The powerful combination of our microfiber pads, and the direct dispensing design of the bucketless mop system saves time, chemical and water use. Easy-to-use system reduces labor costs. The direct application of uncontaminated chemical use virtually eliminates cross contamination and waste water.
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Boardwalk® Cleaning Kit

Complete cleaning kit provides a thorough clean for multiple surfaces, including floors, sidewalks and sinks. System features a wet mop, push broom, maid's broom, handles and microfiber cloths. Launderable mop head and microfiber cloths provide durability.
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Boardwalk® Cotton Cut End Mop Kit

Give floors a thorough clean with economical, high-quality cotton mop heads. Mopping kits are great for heavy-duty cleaning. Easy-to-assemble kit ensures nothing stands between you and a clean floor.
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Boardwalk® Cotton Deck Mop

Traditional deck mops with permanent wooden handles. White economy four-ply yarn.
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